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When it Rains, it Pours


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Thank You, Elbowtoe

  It is the very little things in life, that make me smile.  It may be hard to see, even if you enlarge the picture, but the quote that is crudely scribbled onto the “blank” space of this subway ad location reads, “The memory of you is never lost upon me”-Elbowtoe. 

  Now, it is nothing insanely profound or new, but there is something about sitting on a train, feeling down because I am heading to work stuck in a sweat box with a bunch of other miserable people and looking over to see something that is ultimately, the sweetest, yet,  most pointless thing in the world, to bring a smile to my face.

  Of course, it is not only something that was meant to be serious or profound that can do it.  I admit it, even the stupidest of subway humor is enjoyable to me.  For instance: 

  Nothing smart here, in fact this is very childish, but it still makes me smile and I still think it is brilliant.  I like to think I have a creative mind, yet, I would never walk past a bunch of, “Wet Paint” signs, and think of doing this.  I know the type of person who did this, they are in the station stop all the time.  On most day-to-day terms I would probably despise and ridicule this type of person, but on the day they did this; genius.

  There really is nothing more behind this post, I just wanted to share the fact that there is plenty of magic left in the NYC subway system.  For people who don’t think so, feel free to paint my wet taint.

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